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Will Prettyman

Runnelslaw.com is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Assuming that is a legitimate site, I am embarrassed to belong to the same profession as that person. Having said that, they have cornered the market for the magic loving, elf worshipping, dragon adoring individuals seeking legal representation.

Magento specialist

These are worst lawyer websites...i didn't knew that.Ya, at worst, it looks like the lawyer can't afford a real website..One thing I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect!

Brad @aplus

Very interesting specialised article about what should not be done when designing websites, which can be generalised to almost all other industries. As much as some web designs deserve all the praise they can get, some designs are simply disgusting. The font colours, excessive amount of text, unsuitable backgrounds, and pictures can ruin a website. It is important that when designing a website, you keep in mind the audience you want to reach. By thinking from the point of view of the audience, you can give the audience what it wants most, and surely it isn't the awful designs of the websites mentioned in this article. Great work in pointing out the websites and highlighting their deficiencies.


My husband and I came across Brent Buckmans website when we were seeking a lawyer which was in May of last year. Brent is still my lawyer and I regret that as I've put more than $20,000.00 in my case and he's made two major mistakes of which he admitted to but refused to refund me my money. He certainly does not care about me or my case all he cares about is receiving money and it's probably going to fund his house here in the U.S. and to his house in Canada. Possibly it could be going to buy cases of bagels. He should not be practicing law and I don't even know how he made it to become a lawyer.

Vince Lin

I thought the 1st site was pretty good! Notice the moving waterfall and fire!

Toronto Family Lawyer

At best it looks amateurish; at worst, it looks like the lawyer can't afford a real website.

Masako Gun

Wow. Those are some pretty surprising sites. Indeed, it's more or less a big, bright red flag for lawyer sites to deviate from a professional image. Sure, setting a friendly tone is all well and good, but a website has to be all about business in the end.


No5 the Runnels law is just jaw-droppingly bad.I really had trouble believing it is a lawyers website.

Plus the catchphrase "lex et lumen" is so cheesy. I just hope they are better at practicing law than picking web design.

Good spot.

bicycle clothes

Sure there’s probably some kind of subculture that actually likes these half-baked schemes but most of us, especially lawyers who still respect the profession, want to smack these guys in their faces. It’s like Billy Mays marketing the Shamwow & Snuggie Law Group while coming off meth - shaky ground at best.


To "the Hammer,"

1. The article clearly uses you as a benchmark for the others, you should feel honored; especially if 'thats what you were going for.'

2. It's a dead link, please re-post it so I can learn more about what you do.

3. How often do you Google your own name? I mean, seriously man.

4. Part of the article's purpose was a nod to how darn entertaining those kinds of ads are. They obviously knew who you were = you're "tacky and tasteless" mission accomplished.

5. Do you have "the Hammer" t-shirts? How can I go about purchasing something like that? My brother owns a screening shop, we should talk merchendising. Most importantly, how do you manicure those eyebrows so well? They're so thick but so fastidiously trimmed. I'm guessing an application of Pomade keeps them in place. They look like two little Bert Reynolds mustaches.

Eternally yours,
"The Nail"

Lowel Stanley

As the infamous "Lowell the hammer Stanley",I'm disappointed that you don't approve.But please understand that what I do is not a"poorly crafted marketing campaign" but carefully planned and quite successful. Tacky yes, Tasteless yes, but then I'm not trying to appeal to sophisticates like yourself. I'm trying to reach the working man who is comfortable with television and has no problem with an aggressive approach. I care about my clients and fight hard for them, and I tell them so in no uncertain terms. Perhaps you might like to know something about me before condemning what I do. Check this out http://www.theinjurylawyer.com/news-camping.html My best to you and your family. Again sorry you don't like what I do...........Love,Lowell


This is where the whole thing started this morning. Talk about laughing till your ribs start to hurt . . . !!

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